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F2 Red Medium



FCS 2 Compatable

After the success of our ever popular F1 template it was hard to improve but after countless sessions with our team here it is! Take your performance to the next level with even tighter turning circles in the most critical of sections while holding more speed and control than any of our other fins! Feel like you need to push harder than the other guys in the lineup thru the wave of the day? Look no further – the F2 has arrived for your riding pleasure. 

Glass Flex with signature Ultralite honeycomb core for the lightest overall weight on the market for under £100.

SMALL: Base: 106mm / Depth 111mm / Sweep 62*
MEDIUM: Base: 106mm / Depth 111mm / Sweep 62*
LARGE:  Base: 114mm / Depth: 120mm / Sweep: 65